Lassie *2014

Lassie *2014

Mercredi 28 septembre 2022
5h11 - 5h22

S01E13 - Prisonnière de la montagne

Dessins Animés 11 min 2014

De : Jean-Christophe Roger

Avec : Matthew Géczy et Kaycie Chase

Joe Carraclough lives with his parents and his dog Lassie in a small town in Yorkshire, England. Lassie and Joe are inseparable. Because they are poor, Joe's father has to sell the dog. But Lassie escapes and returns to the Carracloughs. That's why her new owner takes her to his estate in Scotland. But she also runs away from there.


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Jeudi 6 octobre, 5h44
Samedi 15 octobre, 5h22


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