Esmé & Roy

Esmé & Roy

Lundi 17 janvier 2022
12h35 - 12h50

S01E02 - A deux c'est beaucoup mieux

Dessins Animés 15 min 2018

From the makers of Sesame Street, this animated children's series follows Esme and her best friend Roy as they embark on adventures in the town of Monsterdale. Together they babysit, or rather monstersit, the mini monsters of the town, teaching them to play, eat new foods and enjoy themselves. Whether it's helping them drift off to sleep, exploring museums or celebrating birthdays, Esme and Roy, who himself is a monster, always have a fun-filled time! The Daytime Emmy Award-winning show aims to relate the toddler monsters to young children, teaching them how to control and manage their emotions.


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