Les Fixies

Les Fixies

Dimanche 16 janvier 2022
7h35 - 7h41

Dessins Animés 6 min Russie 2010

Russian animated children's series centering on the adventures of Tom Thomas and his secret friends, the titular Fixies. The little Fixies are wonderfully helpful and resourceful creatures, who unbeknown to humans, except of course Tom Thomas, live inside machines and devices, using their cunning skills to maintain and repair any mechanical issues. Tom's best friends are Nolik and Simka, son and daughter of fellow fixies Papus and Masiya. Also on hand to help Tom and his family are Fixies Grandpus, Fire, Verda, Digit, and Toola, each of whom have their own unique set of skills.


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Dimanche 16 janvier à 9h04
Lundi 7 février à 17h11
Mardi 8 février à 13h11