Monster Math Squad

Monster Math Squad

Lundi 10 janvier 2022
4h36 - 4h48

Dessins Animés 12 min Canada 2012

This children's animation is based on the curriculum of respected Canadian mathematician, Dr. John Mighton, and follows the exploits of three monsters, Max, Lily and Goo, as they use their considerable mathematical skills to conquer difficult problems. In each episode, the team from the city of Monstrovia go on missions in which obstacles need to be overcome by putting their heads together and using their combined mathematical knowledge. As well as being highly entertaining for children, the show aims to promote an interest in numeracy and to prove that mathematics is useful in everyday situations and can be fun and enjoyable. Episodes have the team working out how many coins to place in a toy; differentiating between various shapes and sizes; and explaining the concept of 'first' and...


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