Shakespeare & Hathaway - Investigatori privati

Shakespeare & Hathaway - Investigatori privati

Mardi 18 janvier 2022
9h30 - 10h15

S02E08 - In My Memory Lock'd

Série Rires 45 min Royaume-Uni 2019

De : Darcia Martin

Avec : Mark Benton, Jo Joyner et Patrick Walshe McBride

During a stake out Frank and Lu spot a man who doesn't know who he is, so they set out to find out his identity. Gloria hypnotizes him and his flashbacks lead them to the Duke Vincent Hotel. But the stuff there have never seen him before. Soon Frank and Lu discover a new clue that could be crucial to help them uncover who the mysterious man is. It seems like someone tried to kill him and that's when he fell and lost his memory.


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