The Real Nature Of Caravaggio

The Real Nature Of Caravaggio

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Dimanche 21 juillet 2024
23h10 - 0h00

Le chemin des champs

Doc. culture 50 min Italie 2016

A journey through the works of Michelangelo Merisi. Caravaggio's pictorial revolution, his naturalism, his adherence to reality, his play on contrasts, his modernity. But also his relationship with his clients and the world he loved to surround himself with. A life made up of light and shade, like his canvases. From Rome to Milan, from New York to St. Petersburg, from London to Paris, from Naples to Syracuse, from Malta to the beach of Porto Ercole, where he died in July 1610 at the age of just 39. An investigation made up of analyses of pictorial texts and documents, to answer the questions still unanswered about Caravaggio.