George Clarke's Old House, New Home

George Clarke's Old House, New Home

Vendredi 12 avril 2024
16h40 - 17h30

Doc. société 50 min Grande-Bretagne 2020

De : Gary McQuillan, Richard Merritt, Scott Ward et Mike Ratcliffe

George Clarke takes on a classic 1930s terraced home with a kitchen that's so tiny the fridge and oven have to live in another room! The two mismatched fireplaces are causing marital strife, with one of the couple loving the original 1930s one, and the other favouring the Victorian reproduction. Only one fireplace can stay in George's new art deco-inspired scheme. Which one will bite the dust? Plus, George revisits a Victorian home where he previously helped renovate the bottom two floors. Now the young couple are tackling the two top floors, including a notoriously tricky space... the loft. Can he come up with a scheme to make this oddly shaped space beautiful and multi-functional? Prod Co: Amazing Productions