Jeudi 11 avril 2024
23h45 - 0h10

Série rires 25 min Grande-Bretagne 2017

De : Ben Palmer

Avec : David Mitchell, Robert Webb, Penny Downie, Olivia Poulet, Louise Brealey, Jessica Gunning, Matthew Holness, Oliver Maltman, Geoffrey McGivern, Charlie Baker, Julie Dray et Tommy Love

The final episode in the comedy series starring David Mitchell and Robert Webb. Andrew (Webb) has transformed the John Barleycorn into a huge success with a brilliant new look and a talented French chef. Stephen (Mitchell), feeling depressed and defeated, is drinking even more heavily than usual. Laurie's birthday memorial is fast approaching and Stephen needs some help writing a speech to better what will surely be Andrew's amazing oratory. When other former foster children turn up, Andrew's back story starts to be brought into question. Buoyed up by this, Stephen throws every ounce of his manic energy into finding out the truth about Andrew's past. And when he finally does, it's a revelation that looks like it could change everything.