Don't Forget the Driver

Don't Forget the Driver

Mercredi 21 février 2024
5h00 - 5h30

S01E06 - School Trip

Série rires 30 min Grande-Bretagne 2019

De : Tim Kirkby

Avec : Toby Jones, Claire Rushbrook, Marcia Warren, Danny Kirrane, Erin Kellyman, Luwam Teklizgi, Jo Eaton-Kent, Dino Kelly, Bharti Patel, Wills Whittington, Krrish Patel et Lucy Thackeray

Squeaky's absence from work means Green is forced to take on the unpleasant job of a School Trip. Brad prepares to conduct his first funeral, while Kayla considers leaving home. Joy is pleased to have some company now that Rita and Barry are living with her. Fran makes an impulsive decision and joins Green on his daytrip. When news about Rita reaches Green and Kayla, they are surprised by their own reactions.