George Clarke's Old House, New Home

George Clarke's Old House, New Home

Dimanche 18 février 2024
18h35 - 19h20

Leamington Spa & Mellor

Doc. société 45 min Grande-Bretagne 2019

De : Mike Ratcliffe

Hidden behind one of Leamington Spa's smartest addresses is a rather special coach house. Once attached to a grand home, this humble dwelling has been hacked about over the years and was last decorated in the 1980s, with a mock medieval style, plus fake Tudor windows and unnecessary beams. New owners Albert and Kristina have their work cut out to get this place turned around into something special. With a new baby just weeks away, it's a race against time.George kicks off by knocking a huge hole in the ceiling looking for extra headspace. Plus, George takes a trip to Mellor, to visit a 200-year-old farmhouse on the edge of the Peak District. He's brought his sledgehammer but the owners seem unwilling to let him knock any walls down. Can he make do with moving the door instead?