Bad Move

Bad Move

Vendredi 23 février 2024
7h40 - 8h05

S01E03 - Shut Up

Série rires 25 min Grande-Bretagne 2017

De : Martin Dennis

Avec : Jack Dee, Kerry Godliman, Miles Jupp, Manjinder Virk, Aaryan Basu, Isvari Ghai, Seann Walsh, George Somner, Sue Vincent, Philip Jackson et Keith Parry

Offbeat sitcom. Nicky and Steve's dreams of peaceful country nights are shattered by Grizzo and his band rehearsing his latest album outdoors. Steve is not getting much sleep anyway - his web design business is losing customers hand-over-fist to a rival firm, and just to rub it in, Matt and Meena's latest business venture is going from strength to strength. Steve is not impressed when they ask for some free advice on designing a website, then his new work experience boy turns up - Bronson...


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Vendredi 23 février, 15h20