Lundi 19 février 2024
22h30 - 22h55

Série rires 25 min Grande-Bretagne 2020

De : Ben Palmer

Avec : Lee Mack, Patrick Baladi, Frances Barber, Ray Fearon, Neil Fitzmaurice, Sarah Hoare, Geoffrey McGivern, Clive Russell, Samantha Spiro, Nicki Vickery, Ellie White et George Fouracres

Real-time sitcom following the hapless Stuart (Lee Mack) as he struggles through the worst half hour of his life, since the previous episode. Stu's extended family take a ferry trip to scatter the ashes of a loved one at sea. Whilst looking for his diarrhoea medication in his car, Stuart discovers a stowaway, some class A drugs and pornography prohibited by maritime law.


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Mercredi 6 mars, 1h20
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