George Clarke's Old House, New Home

George Clarke's Old House, New Home

Vendredi 16 février 2024
12h55 - 13h40

Leeds & Brixton

Doc. société 45 min Grande-Bretagne 2019

De : Mike Ratcliffe

Up an extremely long garden path in Leeds lies a grand, beautiful Victorian villa. For the last three years, this building has been a labour of love for Jawad and Charlie, whose quirky taste includes a unicorn head and a plan to create a magnificent master en-suite including 'the best bathroom in Leeds'. It's set to be a mammoth task. In Brixton, south London, Jason and Hannah are tackling an ambitious two-storey extension. George's challenge is to help decide what to do with a large redundant chimney breast. Will they make a clean sweep of it and increase the size of the room? Time for George to get tooled up.


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