Bad Move

Bad Move

Vendredi 16 février 2024
7h45 - 8h05

S01E02 - Deep End

Série rires 20 min Grande-Bretagne 2017

De : Martin Dennis

Avec : Jack Dee, Kerry Godliman, Miles Jupp, Manjinder Virk, Aaryan Basu, Isvari Ghai, Nathaniel Tapley, Philip Jackson, Kate Anthony, Seann Walsh et Sue Vincent

Offbeat sitcom. When Nicky and Steve discover that their kitchen has flooded, they have to call on Nicky's dad for help. The ever-unimpressed Ken duly arrives with a pump, but Steve is convinced that the source of the flooding could be a natural spring. He hopes this will be the answer to all their problems. Meanwhile, Nicky decides to take a more practical approach to their finances by walking a villager's dog and Grizzo turns up with some alarming news that could put jobs at risk.


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Vendredi 16 février, 15h25